How Can We Help You?

Welcome to TechRx. You’ve finally found your perfect IT fit!

Have you been trying to find that one computer support place that could do everything you need? Fast repairs… upgrades that boost performance… teaching that actually helps.

TechRx is your one stop shop for all the above and more. We pride ourselves on our vast experience in all facets of tech, that you won’t find many other places.

Our founder, Anne Napoliello, has loved working in IT since 1993, so much that she’s worked in just about every corner of the technology world. From systems analyst to computer technician, to IT trainer… all that expertise can be found at TechRx.

Being on the cutting edge of technology has been our mantra, which is why we specialize in the often overlooked area of work from home professionals, whose IT is just as important to their livelihood as big enterprise companies.

We also enjoy working just as much with residential and small business clients. Our goal is to offer premiere, quality, and experienced IT support that’s affordable to everyone no matter how large or small their technology needs. Oh, and we’re also fast!

Would you like a personalized set up for a new computer? Suspect you have a virus and need it checked out without disrupting your workflow? We offer fast and efficient remote or on-site support.

Why not give us a call to say hello and ask a few tech questions that have been on your mind. We’d love to hear from you… 908-509-1620.